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Prenzlauer Berg

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Ellen Patzschke

My name is Ellen Patzschke and I am the founder of this little agency. After 24 years of UX design and the creation of countless web and mobile applications that hopefully make my users happy, I decided to co-found a startup and tackle the most challenging issue of our time – the climate crisis. We created a software to measure your company’s impact and organise your CO2 reduction measurements (

Now, 3 years later, I want to take the next logical step and make the employees of these companies aware of the importance of acting on climate crises.

How do we do that? With imagination!

Sounds like a Disney movie? It’s a lot more than that. It’s real, and it will make life on Earth wonderful for the next generation.


Future Ceremony

We are informed about all crises and negative events, we know the facts and we are politically informed – ✅ check. Now let us enable positive change. With a little time and imagination, we can look to the future. We can redesign our way of life, our work processes and our business structures.

Starting January ’24 -> Follow the process, contact us